May 7, 2024

PJSC «Fakel» sells illiquid from the warehouse

May 23, 2022

ПрАТ «Факел» продає нову трубу складського зберігання


About Privat Joint Stock Company Fakel

PJSC Fakel is one of the leading machinery plants in Ukraine.


The enterprise was founded in 1982. The plant is located 60 km from Kiev.


The enterprise has modern high-technological equipment, large production facilities and well-organized qualified personnel and is able to manufacture the products of different complexity level in flexible period.


PJSC Fakel manufactures wide range of products for oil & gas complex, incl. oil- and gas transport system, gas- and oil refinery plants, gas filling stations; chemical and petrochemical; food & beverages; pharmaceutical and other industries.


Main produсts’ range:


Equipment for oil & gas complex:


 -       automatic gas distribution stations (AGDS) Impuls;

-       gas heaters Fakel PG-1, PG-3, PG-5, PG-10 (PG-10-01), PTPG-30 (PTPG-30-01), PGA-200, PGV;

-       gas distribution stations Energia;

-       tubular heat exchangers-regenerators for gas turbines GT-750-6, GTK-10;

-       filters-separators, oil&gas separators, mesh gas separators;

-       gas odorizers (manual and automatic);

-       technological tanks for GDS;

-       scraper pig injecting and receiving chambers, quick-opening closures;

-       pig signalers;

-       filters – mud traps;

-       filters liquid mesh type;

-       gas control points and NG metering units.


Vessel equipment:


-       steel welded vessels;

-       ground (underground) steel welded reservoirs for liquefied hydrocarbon gases;

-       ground and underground single-shell and double-shell (single-section, two-section) steel reservoirs for light and hard oil products;

-       horizontal drainage vessels of underground type and underground type with heater;

-       parallel-ion filters.


Vessels with mixing devices:


-       steel welded vessels with mechanical mixing devices;

-       vacuum dryers;

-       dissolvers.


Heat-exchange equipment:


 -       shell-and-tube heat exchangers;

-       heat exchangers of annular type (tube-in-tube)

-       head exchange equipment for power stations and heat supply enterprises;

-       oil coolers;

-       air condensers.


Gas filling stations:


-       equipment for car liquefied gas filling stations;

-       equipment for car gas-filling compressor stations.




Automation Systems and Process Automation Systems


An important aspect of the business is active cooperation of the enterprise with the leading industry design and research institutes. This joint activity gives the enterprise an opportunity to carries out the tasks assigned by the customer quickly and properly, starting from the design and up to the installation, commissioning and maintenance.


All production manufactured by PJSC Fakel is certified in compliance with the requirements of Ukrainian and CIS and Custom Union of Eurasian Economic Union standards and certification bodies; it has the manufacturer’s warranty. Starting from 2004 the enterprise’s quality management is certified in compliance with the ISO 9001.


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