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Academy of Billiard "Fakel"

One of the fastest growing spectator sports is billiard today. Indeed, all over the world competitions in billiard of different levels and in its various forms. Many famous people today love the game of billiard. Seemingly simple at first glance, this game can easily challenge your reaction time, eye, agility, coordination, strength, strategic and tactical thinking. Generally, the term billiard refers to several of its varieties, differing rules, the type and size of the table.

Now the billiard is very popular among the Ukrainian population and continues to recruit. More and more games are broadcast TV and billiard are schools in which teaching pros. Young people eager for the sport, and this can we ensure the further development of billiard in the Ukraine. In the reek of the young generation, who interested in billiard support appears PJSC "Fakel".

Greater attention would be given the Academy of Billiard "Fakel", it can get skills of the game of billiard everyone from 6 to 17 years.



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