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Successful Participation in the Xth International Competition of Welder's «Benardos Gold Cup».

12-16 of August, 2013

10th International competition of welders «Benardos Gold Cup» took place in August 12th-16th in Odessa.


Welders from 5 countries participated in the competition.


Employee of PJSC "Fakel" Vladimir Martosych took honorable third place in the competition.


Contestants competed in such categories: shielded metal-arc welding (method 111/SMAW); gas metal-arc welding (method 135/GMAW); gas tungsten arc welding (method 141/GTAW); oxy-fuel gas welding (method 311/OFW).


Among the jury evaluating the skills of welders in the competition were experts of Ukrainian Welders’ Certification Committee and qualified representatives of other countries participating in the competition.


The competition was also a chance in experience exchange between participants-representatives of China, Bulgaria and others. Also experts presented the latest technologies of welding and modern facilities of individual protection for eyes, ears and respiratory system.


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