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The Manufacturing Process of The Filter - Mud Trap

October 9, 2013

Filters - mud traps are manufactured for the pipelines with diameters range from DN200 to DN 1200 and with design pressures: 1.6; 4.0; 6.3; 7.5; 8.0 MPa (16; 40; 63; 75; 80 bar). Filters – mud traps are designed to secure oil and product pipeline’s devices and equipment from mechanical admixtures, extraneous materials, clay, paraffin-resin deposits and scales that are formed during repairs and operations of the linear part of the main pipeline.

Filter consists of the chamber 1 with fast end gate 2, technological pipes and filter element 3  in the form of perforated pipe. There is a tray or frame 4 with traction mechanism for the filter element’s change, the supply of handler 5 is an option. Inlet and outlet nozzles are designed as pipes welded to the pipeline or as flange connections or blind flange connections.


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