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Liquidators of mechanical admixtures

Ukrainian «Fakel» offered a new gas filter of mechanical admixtures

Fakel (Kyiv region, Ukraine) has developed and started manufacturing of filter separators for purification of pipeline-shipped natural gas from mechanical impurities / the filters remove particies (down to 5 micron size) and moisture, which otherwise could impair the pipelines. The equipment significantly improves gas metering ensuring longer life-cycles for pipeline devices.

The filters are designed for placement in gas flow control units and gas distribution stations either in — or outside/ the equipment has up to 7,5 MPa pressure ceiling with average pressure being 1,2 MPa. The filters have vertical design — the inbuilt cyclone separator ensures liquid separation while element filter treats natural gas from dust impurities.

  • For the past year the company also started production of containers for oil&gas pipelines purification equipment and diagnostic tools/ the containers are equipped with:
  • — reeving device;
  • — bracket crane;
  • — servicing access and other equipment required for integrated servicing.

Oilmarket Info:

Fakel is one of Ukraine’s leading companies manufacturing equipment for oil&gas industry, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries as well as for fuelling stations. The company was founded in 1982.

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