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Gas filters cassette FGK

Gas cassette filters of the FGK type are intended for use in systems of gas supply and gas distribution (CGDP, GDS, GRP, GRU and AGZS) with the maximum working pressure to 1,6 MPas (16 kgf / cm ) for purification of natural gas, other nonaggressive gases, gas-air mixtures and air from mechanical pollution (dust, rust and other solid particles) and moisture, including for protection of regulating and protective devices.

The main medium that is cleaned by the filter is natural gas, which meets the requirements of the  "Code of the gas transmission system".

Climatic design of the filter - U1 according to GOST 15150 for work at a temperature from minus  30 ° C to 60 ° C, and, by separate order, at a temperature from minus 40 ° C to 80 ° C.

Filters are manufactured in two design versions :

- axial - with axial gas output (O); 

- angular - with an angular gas outlet (K). 

Example of filter symbol when ordering and in the documentation of other products:

FGK-25-1,6-1-O TU U 28.2-04601469-064: 2018,


FGK - gas cassette filter;

25 - conditional passage of connecting pipelines, mm;

1.6 - maximum working pressure, MPa;

1 - type of execution;

O - axial.

The same with the angular gas output: FGK-25-1,6-1-K TU U 28.2-04601469-064: 2018.

The filter element is made in the form of a cylindrical cassette



The name of the parameter


Filter size

FGK-25, FGK-32, FGK-40, FGK-50, FGK-65, FGK-80, FGK-100, FGK-125, FGK-150, FGK-200

Maximum working pressure, MPa, no more

0.6 or 1.2 or 1.6

Working environment

natural gas

Operating gas temperature, ° C

from minus 20 to 60

Ambient temperature, ° C

from minus 30 to 60

Relative humidity of the operating environment,%,

not more


Throughput, nm / h

depending on the inlet pressure and filter size

Nominal fineness of filtration, microns , no more


The cleaning efficiency particulate emissions from pain sized st 50 mm ,%, not Maine st 


The pressure difference on the pure filter element , kPa,
no more


The maximum allowable pressure drop to determine the clogging of the filter, kPa


Filter group on SOU MPP 71.120-217






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