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Automatic Gas Distribution Plants (AGDP) "Impuls"

AGDP is a product which is intended for the supply of natural gas to end users from main gas pipelines with a pressure of 1.2 - 7.5 MPa by reducing the pressure to the specified value of 0.3 - 1.2 MPa. AGDP operates automatically without operator intervention.

AGDP performs the following functions:

- reduction of high pressure of gas to the specified low pressure and maintaining it with the required precision when the input pressure and the gas flow rate are changed;

- gas heating before reduction (hydrate buildup prevention);

- purification of gas from condensed moisture and mechanical impurities with automatic blowdown into the drain vessel;

- gas odorization proportionately with the flow rate prior to the supply to consumers;

- automatic control of the modes of operation of processing equipment;

- generation of warning and alarm signals and their sending to the console of dispatcher or operator in case of malfunction.

Technical and operational characteristics and design features of AGDP

Name of characteristics (parameters) Unit of measurement Normal value
Gas pressure at the inlet of AGDP MPa 1,2...7,5
Gas pressure at the outlet of AGDP MPa 0,3...1,2
Test pressure at the inlet of AGDP MPa 10 (ANSI600)
Test pressure at the outlet of AGDP MPa 2 (ANSI150)
Rated discharge capacity of AGDP at Pin=1,8÷7,35 MPa, Pout=0,3÷1,2 MPa, less than or equal to:
- AGDP "Impuls-5000" Nm3/h 5000
- AGDP "Impuls-10000" Nm3/h 10000
- AGDP "Impuls-30000" Nm3/h 30000
- AGDP "Impuls-50000" Nm3/h 50000
- AGDP "Impuls-150000" Nm3/h 150000
Accuracy of gas pressure maintenance at the outlet of AGDP % ±5
Gas temperature at the inlet of AGDP, not less than °С -15
Backing-up to throughput capacity of gas pressure reduction system % 100
Power supply (at  frequency of 50 Hz) V 220
Backup power supply (by input voltage) V 220АС/24DС
Runtime using backup power supply hours 72
Rated electrical power which is consumed, not more than kW 10
Number of outlets to the consumers pcs

One (two or more are made to order)

 * AGDS "Impulse" can be produced on any given bandwidth in the range of 1000 - 300 000 nm3/hour the required number of exits to the consumer.


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