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Equipment for the gas transportation system:


Gas distributor stations Energiya

Automatic modular gas distribution stations Energiya are intended for supplying separate consumers with natural gas, associated gas, oil-well gas, preliminary processed from saturated hydrocarbons, and artificial gas from main pipelines with the pressure of (1.2-7.5 P) by means of reducing pressure down to the indicated (0.3-1.2 P) and maintaining it. The stations are intended for operation in the open air in the areas with moderate climate under the environment temperature from -40  to +50  with relative humidity of 80 % at 20 .

AGDS Energiya available capacity from 1 000 to 250 000 cubic meters. m/hr.

AGDS Energiya produced according to TU U 26.5-04601469-042:2014.


gas cleaning from moisture drops and mechanical admixtures;

condensate discharge into the drainage tank;

gas heating before reducing;

reducing high pressure of gas down to the indicated one and supporting it with certain accuracy under variations of input pressure or gas consumption;

gas odourization before supplying it to the customers;

measuring gas consumption with multiple registration;

automatic control of the station operation modes;

sending accident and warning signals in case of violation of the station operation modes to the console of the dispatcher or operator.


The stations will be delivered in the form of completed equipment in strict conformity with the requirements of the polling sheet.

Measurement of the gas consumption in GDS is made with the help of measuring instruments in accordance with the selection of the customer.

The unit of gas reducing pressure has two links (operating and reserve) with two consecutive regulators ensuring 100% redundancy of equipment for the main outlet of gas.

Gas heating before reducing is made with the help of a heater with the intermediate heat-transfer agent and fire heater of direct action.

The system of automatic control (CAC) of the GDS ensures control of operation parameters, sending accident and warning signals to the console of the dispatcher and operator.

GDSs are equipped with gas odourizers ensuring automatic odourization of gas in proportion to its consumption.

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