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Odourization set «Carat»

The set is intended for automatic support of the required concentration of the odorizing substance in gas to be supplied to consumers as well as for measuring the consumption of the odourizing substance. The set is used in the unit of odourization of gas distribution stations (GDS). The set is also equipped with the drop type unit.

Odorizer natural gas "Carat" is produced according to TU U 26.5-04601469:2012.

Main Technical Characteristics

Temperature of the environment, °С From –40 till +40
Pressure of the odourized gas, MPa 0,1÷1,2
Pressure of gas in the intake gas line, MPa Till 7,5
Consumption of the odourized gas, m3/h 50÷100000
Concentration of odourizing substance, g/thou. m3 5÷16
Supply voltage of the control unit, V:
— operating
— reserve

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