Appliances and fittings from high-temperature and aluminized…


Appliances and fittings from high-temperature and aluminized steels

Cases for grouting and diffusion metallization of articles, retorts, bottoms for thermal furnaces, other appliances in accordance with the orders of customers for the temperatures reaching 1100°С.

Dimensions and temperature (till 1200°С) of the operation area of batch furnaces may be indicated by the customer.
In accordance with the orders of customers we develop and produce multizone furnaces of continuous action with the walking beam, pushers, conveyers, plants on the basis of batch furnaces and continuous action furnaces.
The control of the process of electric furnaces heating and of the technological processes of thermal treatment of articles can be effected with the use of programmable regulators or controllers controlling force semisters.
The accuracy of temperature preservation in the operation area of the furnace is not less than ±3°С.

The enterprise produces transportable gas chamber furnaces, car-bottom furnaces for thermal treatment of metals and ceramics. The furnaces have metal recuperators, gas burners.

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