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Awarding departments PJSC "Fakel" on the occasion of 21 - Independence Day of Ukraine

24 of August, 2012

Administration of PJSC "Fakel" sincerely congratulates labor collective enterprise with the holiday - 21 anniversary of Ukraine's Independence.


We express to you, dear employees appreciation for the daily hard work, energy and initiative. Today, thanks to the knowledge, skill, experience, staff and joint efforts, we continue and strengthen the best heritage and traditions of the company.


In order to encourage and stimulate productive workers and the competition for the best illustrative propaganda 'Mother Ukraine ":


1. Awarded with diplomas and valuable gifts - fridge collective plant primary production foreman Liashuk I.A. - For 1st place.



2. Awarded with diplomas and valuable gifts - coffee team of chief constructors Maksymenyuk A.A. - For 2nd place.



3. Awarded with diplomas and valuable gifts - microwave band Central Laboratory, head of Dehtyarova E.L. – 3nd place.



4. Awarded the diploma and prizes for originality and ingenuity collective energy repair station chief power Kabak A.



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