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Technological capabilities

Technological capabilities

PJSC Fakel has powerful production capacities and highly qualified staff, convenient access railway and auto routes, own metal base. The plant is equipped with modern manufacturing equipment. The manufacturing capabilities include blanking, press-forging, assembly and welding works, mechanical processing of different materials and are flexible in compliance with the technological needs.

Manufacturing process complies with ISO 9001:2008.


PJSC Fakel has the following manufacturing capabilities:

Blanking and press-forging manufacture:

Ч sketching, slitting, nesting, flattening, bending of flat and rolled steel;

Ч thermal cutting of flat steel using master templates;

Ч positional punching and contoured profile cutting in rolled sheet material using CNC turret punch press;

Ч cold and hot forming of parts, heads etc;

Ч bending of tubes;

Ч forge-rolling.

Assembly-welding manufacture:

Ч assembly of metalware and vessels for welding;

Ч manual, semi-automatic, automatic welding of metalware, heat exchanger and vessel equipment;

Ч argon-arc welding of articles made of titanium, aluminum and other nonferrous metals;

Ч heat treatment (for hardening and stress-relief tempering);

Ч postweld heat treatment;

Ч short blasting of carbon and rust-resisting steels;

Ч painting and coating chamber (dimensions, mm).

Mechanical Processing:

Ч processing of blanks and components using the screw-cutting lathes, turning-and-boring lathes, planing machines, milling machines, horisontal boring mills, coordinate boring machines as well as CNC machines;

Ч drilling of workpieces and components at upright drilling machines and radial drilling machines;

Ч external, internal and surface grinding of parts.

Technological operations:

Ч boiler-welding;

Ч fitting-assembly;

Ч electroassembly on manufacture of consoles and control panels with relay and microprocessor element base;

Ч electroplates;

Ч painting and packing.


Manufacture and repair of:

Ч metal-cutting tools and accessories;

Ч forging and forming equipment;

Ч assembly and welding equipment.

Engineering and Design of Automation Control Systems and Technologies

Design of automation control systems and automation of technological process control of standard equipment and based on individual technical requirements of the customers, including the following services and equipment:

Ч Automated control systems of automated gas distribution stations;

Ч Automation of plant parameters of compressor plants;

Ч Automation of gas treatment units;

Ч Design and manufacturing of glycol gas dewatering units;

Ч Automation of gas dewatering units;

Ч Manufacturing of close metering units of hydrostatic, injection, absorbing types (gas odorisation, methanol inlet units etc);

Ч Design and implementation of power supply systems in the objects with divided power backup by priority;

Ч Design and implementation of teleautomatics;

Ч Design and implementation of object monitoring systems;

Ч Design of lower level software for industrial controllers Siemens, Schneider Electric, Mitsubishi Electric, Yokogawa etc;

Ч Design of upper level software;

Ч Design and implementation of data conversion and transfer devices;

Ч Design and implementation of agents and corrosive medium neutralization;

Ч Design and manufacturing of capacitor units;

Ч Design documentation, engineering development, operating manuals;

Ч Design of systems of natural gas substitution by alternative source of energy;

Ч Technical support, education of operational and service personnel;

Ч Design of individual engineering and technological solutions bases on the customerТs requirements.

Test methods

Main plant laboratory provides the following test methods:

Ч Ultrasonic test;

Ч Radiography;

Ч Dye penetrant inspection;

Ч Mechanical test;

Ч Chemical analysis;

Ч Visual inspection;

Ч Hydraulic test (Pmax = 50MPa);

Ч Pneumatic test (Pmax = 40MPa).

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