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Social Sphere

Social sphere - a sphere of production and reproduction rights. This man plays himself as the biological, social and spiritual being. In this sense, the social sphere is opposed to the material and spiritual spheres of production - scientific knowledge and value, as produced by them should be consumed and assimilated people of other categories and professions. Social Sphere - a health and education, from kindergarten through high school, is communication with the culture, from the theater to science clubs, is a continuation of the human race, from the appearance of children under the care of the life of the older generation.

It is about creating healthy productive activities of people, of ensuring adequate standard of living of all strata of the population, addressing health, education and social security, social justice, respect for each person in the implementation of their right to work, as well as distribution and consumption generated by in a society's material and spiritual blessings, to permit the contradictions arising from the social stratification of society, on social protection of the population. This refers to the regulation of the whole complex of social class and ethnic relations on working and living conditions, education and living standards.

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