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Section of Judo "Fakel"

Judo - a type of wrestling. The main thing it does not force, and agility. Judoka trying to put his opponent on the shoulder, that is,back to the mat.

Today Judo spread far beyond Japan, where it is known since the XIX century as one of the modernization of the ancient jiu-jitsu.Finally, the rules established in our century, and from 1964 Judo - in the Olympic Games.

Like any sport, judo requires persistent training. The athlete should not be so strong, how clever and, most importantly, be able to fall. Judo - a noble sport: before the fight and immediately after the fighters embrace in greeting. The traditional form of judo sport- a kimono tied with a belt.

Classes in Judo sections are supported by the General Sponsor of PJSC "Fakel". Parties that win prizes at competitions, receive moral and material incentives.

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