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Oil & gas equipment

Equipment for the gas transportation system:

Automatic Gas Distribution Plants (AGDP) "Impuls"

Automatic Odorizers "ODOFAKEL"

Gas distributor stations Energiya

Items for measuring the flow and volume of gas "PVVG"

Gas preparation units

Gas Heaters PG

Gas heaters type PGA and PGV

Filters-separators FSG and on their basis "Gas preparation and purification units"

Odourization set Carat

Technological tanks ofGRSs

Repair sets

Equipment for the gas transportations system:

Pipe heat exchangers-regenerators (Air Heaters)

Heat exchangers-recover plants

Repair sets


Gas Separators

Inlet Separators

K.O. Separators

Oil and Gas Separators

Scraper Pig Injecting and Receiving Chambers

Filters - Mud Traps Type FG

Filters Liquid Mesh Type SDJ

Gas filters cassette FGK

Gas control points and NG metering units

Engineering and Development of Automation Systems

Engineering and development of ACS and PCS


Horizontal and vertical cylindrical reservoirs for gaseous and liquid substances

Cylindrical horizontal vessels for liquefied hydrocarbon gases propane and butane

Underground horizontal drainage reservoirs oftype Ϡand

Steel welded reservoirs

Surface and underground, one-wall and two-walls reservoirs and tanks for light and dark oil products

Mechanisms with mixing devices

Filling station

Motor-car liquefied gas filling stations

Motor-car gas-filling compressor stations (CGFCS)

Heat exchange equipment

Jacket-pipe heat exchangers:

Horizontal and vertical heat exchangers oftype , ʠwith fixed pipe grates and acompensator onthe jacket

Horizontal heat exchangers oftype , refrigerators oftype Ϡwith floating heads

Horizontal heat exchangers with U-shaped pipe bundle

Horizontal condensers oftype with afloating head

Evaporators with steam space with floating head oftype and with U-shaped pipe bundle

Heat exchangers of type «pipe in the pipe»:

Non-knock-down one-furnace heat exchangers ()

Knock-down one-furnace heat exchangers ()

Multifurnace heat exchangers ()

Small-size knock-down heat exchangers ()

Jacket-pipe heat exchangers for higher temperatures and pressures with afloating head and acompensator onit

Head exchange equipment for power engineering and heat supply enterprises:

Steam-water high-capacity water heaters oftype

Water-water heaters for heat supply systems oftype VVP

Steam-water heaters with afloating head oftype

Heaters for hot water systems oftype

Water-water coolers ofwater ofvertical type

Steam-water heaters with the productivity of25, 50, 100, 200 and 400 t/h

Water-water heat exchangers with the productivity of5-10, 20-40, 80-240 and 400 t/h

Horizontal water-water coolers ofdrainage condensate oftype

Vapor Condensers Type V

Flash steam coolers ofvacuum deaerators oftype

Electric heaters for oil, diesel fuel and other heat carriers

Other equipment

Nonstandard equipment

Details of power lines

Natural gas humidity measuring points

Electric oil heaters

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