Miniboiler houses


Miniboiler houses

Miniboiler houses are intended for heating and hot water supplies for municipal, agricultural, industrial and household premises.
Miniboiler houses have automatic household boilers in warm block boxes. They are equipped with the system of safety, supervision and control which enables to work with them without permanent presence of the servicing personnel. The delivery of separate units of the boiler house for mounting in proper premises is also possible.

Technical Characteristics:

Rated thermal power, kW From 100 to 1200 (через 100 кВт)
Heating area, m2 (at the height of heated premises up to 2.5 m) From 1200 to 14 000
Gas pressure at the inlet to the boiler, Pa 2000—3000
Gas consumption, nm3/h, not over 12.5 for every 100 kW of thermal power
Efficiency of boilers, not less than, % 91
Temperature schedule of giving-out heat, °С 70—95
Temperature of water in the system, °С 50—60

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